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In 2005, The American Psychiatric Association completed a study of the therapeutic value of treatments with light and light therapy in the Northern countries and concluded that light therapy lamps emulating solar light reduce significantly depression, with as much result as psychotherapy and medication with antidepressants.

Some characteristics of therapy lamp Dr. Lefebure Methods® :

Increases vital energy
Reduces the symptoms of all types of depression
Helps finding sleep
Supports pharmacological treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
Regulates dysfunctions of the circadian cycle
Balances emotions
Powers up all cognitive functions

Check luminoterapiaMore than 12000 LUX

Check luminoterapiaMore than 90% of CRI colour rendition

Check luminoterapia5000 K colour temperature

Check luminoterapia500 mm. diameter and 55 W.

Check luminoterapia2835 leds

Check luminoterapiaMethacrylate support and on/off switch

Additional information

Weight4.150 kg